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donderdag, november 03, 2005

Cookie Report

Playing Games

Last friday Me went with Berry and her brother to Eindhoven. Why? Well, cause there was an event goning on called: Spellenspektakel. In English you can say: GamesEvent. 999 and Phalax were the headsponsors. They make pretty good games. Me wasn't allowed to play with the pieces or many dices. They were so colorful! Me would think it was candy...

Berry and her brother played a lot of games. They started out with Tsuro, an Asian game. It was fun. Berry was first out, but she didn't mind. After that we went to see the man of Games&Vision. We play Heroclix in his store in Beesd, so we went by to say hi! Me liked the next game they played. It was with pinguïns and fish and ice. It was fun! They also had a huge replica of the game, with pawns dressed up as pinguïns. It was very funny!

Then we went over to the 999-games stand. It was very big. Berry and her brother wanted to play Amazone, but the had to wait for a table. So Brother went to play the huge replica of Iguaza! Me liked it very much! The disks they used for water looked like big glass cookies! It was okay me was hanging around on Berry's back, so me wasn't tempted to eat the whole game!

After that Berry and Brother played Amazone. A fun game, it only takes 18 turns and you have to build villages and collect some ugly fish, beautiful butterflies, parrots, lizzards and orchids. Me liked it and Berry too, so she bought Amazone and the Pinguïn game!

Me had lunch on the upperlevel of the building. Me ate a nice 'saucijzenbroodje', it is a roll of bread with meat in it. And that is where me wanted to make a picture of me! So you see all the stands and lights below! It was big.

The last game Berry and Brother played was Mesopotamië. A fun game too, with religions and building villages and stuff. After that we purchased the games and went home by train. It was very fun. Me want to go again, next year!

Bye bye for now!

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