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dinsdag, oktober 11, 2005

Cookie Report

@ Airmighty Niels

People have been asking where me have been! Cause Berry was so busy and me is always with her. Instead of talking about petting sharks, me will tell you what has happened last week.

Me was very late last week! Cause Berry had a lot of work to do, wednesday we stayed in Almere till seven! That is very late for Cookie, cause me was getting very hungry. But me behaved and didn't eat the magazines or nibble at the desk! That was very good from Cookie!

Thursday me was scared me had to stay out late again without food, so I asked Berry if she could get me some extra candy. She bought me Maoam candy. Very delicious. Tastes like cherry and lemon! And it is very chewy so me was sweet like a baby! Me went to Airmighty Niels in the afternoon. Airmighty Niels makes beautiful magazines and other stuff. He works in Amersfoort and also drives in a VW Kever. So Berry's and Airmighty Niels' Kever were standing together at the studio. Me liked it very much at Airmighty Niels! He had very beautiful pictures on the wall of his car. If you look very closely you can see his car below! Cause it was so nice at Airmighty Niels, me asked if he wanted to make a picture of me, to show in the Cookie Report.

Thursday me and Berry went home again at seven, but she said everything was ready now and friday we went to the Etos Event, which isn't me cup of tea: to much girlystuff! But me went with her anyway. It was nice. But not as nice as @ Airmighty Niels!

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