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vrijdag, mei 07, 2004

Cookie plays...

...the saxophone

Dit interview kreeg ik via de mail van een medestoomcursist. Weet ik meteen wat Koekie doet als ik hem thuislaat...

Cookie, let's start with your equipment you have here... tell us some more about it.
This saxophone Selmer Paris Mark VI. Good saxophone... but not as good as chocolate chip cookies! Me like black mouthpiece. Remind me of chocolate!

What kind of reeds do you like to use when playing?
Me like Vandoren reeds. They taste best, especially with glass of milk! Yum! Me no like plastic reeds... they too much like cookie wrapper.

Tell us what kind of music you are into these days...
Me and Bert start band to play on Sesame Street. I take lessons from Hoots the owl and Zoot sax guy. They teach me play jazz. Good music to eat by!

I see... so do you have any tips for new saxophone players out there, Cookie?
Yes, most important! No eat cork grease! And practice lots and lots. Someday you be good and make lots of happy music for me to eat cookies with!

Thank you, Mr. Monster for the insightful interview!
You welcome! Now where cookies you promise me?
Ahm nahm nahm nahm nahm!!!

De liefde voor koekies is dus nog altijd groter... Het interview is afkomstig van saxophone.org

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