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Een dag begint. De avond valt. Seizoenen wisselen. Alles verandert... ...ik ook... ...Weet jij nog wie je was?

vrijdag, augustus 24, 2012

Mijn meermin naam...

Get your own mermaid names from The Mermaid Name Generator!My mermaid name is Red Coastal Scales
(curalium litus)
Typically the tail and fins are an unusually deep red colour acting as a camouflage from predators in deeper water. The skin is a mottled, freckled sandy colour and the hair is often reddish.
Found along the coastline in many parts of the world, the litus is a gypsy of the oceans, making itself at home in a variety of environments.
Note: A particularly scaly variety - fine scales cover most of the body. This subspecies is known to be cool blooded.
Get your own mermaid names from The Mermaid Name Generator!

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